privacy fence :Bamboo Planters - bamboo will top at / the bigger the container the bigger the bamboo. lined also with a rhizome barrier

Mobile Vine Wall to Block Neighbour

This concept consists of a mobile planter base made from a solid piece of cast concrete. The bottom of the base is inset to accommodate four 360 deg. The vertical wood structure forms a contemporary lattice to promote/support plant growth.

Bamboo container - I wish it was spring already! This is the only way to have bamboo in your yard. Take it from Dan and I, be sure to keep it contained.

We live privacy plants that are hard to control (Bamboo, tall grasses etc) but by keeping them in planters (individually or box) you control the earth they have access to. Description from.

Grey Fiberstone Rectangular Planters

Grey Fiberstone Rectangular Planters $120.00 - $230.00

Cadix Black Low Rectangular Planter

These Cadix Rectangular Planters are superb terrazzo style black planters, & make stunning garden features.

RECTANGULAR CHALKBOARD WALL PLANTER - Bring your wall to life with a stunning vertical herb garden.

Bring your wall to life with a stunning vertical herb garden. This planter mounts securely to the wall and offers a space-saving way to harvest fresh herbs while adding lush greenery to your kitchen or outdoor areas.