Cool Crafts You Can Make With Fabric Scraps - Creative DIY Sewing Projects and Things to Do With Leftover Fabric and Even Old Clothes That Are Too Small - Ideas, Tutorials and Patterns

49 Crafty Ideas for Leftover Fabric Scraps

cool crafts you can make with fabric scraps - creative diy sewing projects and things to do with leftover fabric and even old clothes that are too small - ideas, tutorials and patterns :: diy joy

Recycled clothes. Lots of DIY ideas and inspirations

Lots of DIY ideas and inspirations - This is kinda ugly but in a charming sort of way, makes me think of the mad hatter :)

Super easy homemade shag rug - Reuse your old clothes and towels! *Sewing machine needed for this tutorial.

Upcycled T-shirt Rug Tutorial

Super-easy homemade shag rug (using cotton t-shirts & a towel, tho I'd use an old bath sheet & add a rubber backing to finish the project) *Sewing machine needed.

“What in the world can I do with all of these old t-shirts?” — A thought I have had recently as I’ve been clearing out boxes and boxes of old clothes. I wanted to recycle them somehow because they weren’t all suitable for charity and I’m sentimental about clothing sometimes which makes it hard to...

How To Make a No-Sew Round Braided Rug With T-Shirts

Easy DIY Rugs and Handmade Rug Making Project Ideas - No Sew Round Braided Rug - Simple Home Decor for Your Floors, Fabric, Area, Painting…

Upcycled Fashion - sculptural necklace made from metal hooks from clothes hangers - sustainable art jewellery; recycled fashion

Hanging Hook Necklaces

Hanging Hook Necklaces - The Clothes Hanger Necklace Made From Recycled Metal Hooks

Denim Fabric Baskets TUTORIAL... Turn the legs of your old jeans into fabric baskets. This tutorial gives measurements for making 3 different sizes of baskets.

Denim Fabric Baskets Tutorial...

Turn the legs of your old jeans into fabric baskets. This tutorial gives measurements for making 3 different sizes of baskets.

Transform old stained t shirts onto stylish fun necklaces. Step by step tutorial this a quick and easy recycled t shirt craft.

Upcycle your old stained t shirts into necklaces

Upcycle your old stained t shirts into necklaces - vicky myers creations

Clever and creative ways to upcycle your old jeans.  Lots of unique ways to use denim in your home.


The Best Upcycled Denim Crafts & DIY Why not recycle your old jeans into something fabulous. Denim is a fantastic fabric to upcycle with, here are some of the best denim crafts and DIY’s to inspire you.

Creating my way to Success: How to make a super simple T-shirt Quilt

Creating my way to Success: How to make a super simple T-shirt Quilt - photos and written tutorial, plus a video tutorial too for upcycling those old t-shirts into an awesome quilt

I upcycled old jeans legs into baskets.  This was super easy.  I got the general idea from Buttons and Paint.   Just cut off a pant leg and sew 3 seams.  I did learn that if they are taller than 10 inches, they do not stand up  well. Also the size of the corner should be 2" from the point.   For now I am using the basket as a type of baby speed bump.  My daughter is  now on the move, but she also really likes unpacking bags. By strategically  placing baskets of fun stuff around the house...

Denim storage baskets

Upcycled Denim Basket Make this cute and handy storage from your old jeans.

Jennifer Collier explores the 'remaking' of household objects by stitching found and recycled papers. Her practice focuses on creating work from paper; by bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching she produces unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are treated as if cloth, with the main technique employed being stitch; a contemporary twist on traditional textiles.

British artist Jennifer Collier, old magazines and books, turn them into paper art works detail incredible. Her use of the appropriate paper splicing, produce unexpected results.

Tired of not knowing what to do with old unmatched socks? Perfect for under a drafty door!

DIY Mismatched Sock Snake - too bad all may mismatched socks are either black, brown or blue. Looks like I'm going to have to by some extra fun socks and lose the one.