Ivory, a leucistic or white morph red-tailed hawk at Minnesota Zoo.  Wow, just wow!!

I seriously LOVE the line of the wings/ beak. Ivory, the "partial albino" red-tailed hawk at the Minnesota Zoo

Red-tailed Hawks in N & C America; live in forests, swamps or deserts; brick-red colored tails, from which their common name was derived.  In the wild, they are expected to live for 10 -21 years. They reach reproductive maturity when they are about 3 years old.

Red-Tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis): Origin, Description, Photos, Diet and Breeding

Red-tailed Hawk - spotted often especially near highways

Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) most common Hawk of North America

Red-Tailed Hawk // Buse à queue rousse -

Meet my cousin Melissa . she is very good at her job. What a beautiful red tailed hawk she is !

The Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) seen 5/6/2013 is a bird of prey, one of three species colloquially known in the United States as the "chickenhawk," though it rarely preys on standard sized chickens. It breeds throughout most of North America, from western Alaska and northern Canada to as far south as Panama and the West Indies, and is one of the most common buteos in North America.

Terrific shot - Red-tailed Hawk - Photographer: Tony Tong Love this, my grandson used to tell me magical tales of Red Tail Hawks.

Red tailed hawk (1056×1106)

Red-tailed Hawk (out of order) First seen: CA USA

Red tail hawk

eagles are the apex predator in the family of bird of prey in india including hawks, eagles, kites, harriers and old world vultures

fat-birds:  what ? by crsharwichport on Flickr. Apparently this is how a red-tailed hawk responded to the photographer’s attempt at an ...

"Apparently this is how a red-tailed hawk responded to the photographer’s attempt at an osprey call." Amazing goofiness for a hawk tattoo

Red Tailed Hawk Call

Red Tailed Hawk Screaming its head off. Filmed this with my Nikon with VR.