character inspiration

character inspiration

character inspiration

character inspiration

Photograph Untitled by Karina Kiel on 500px

no king's smiling daughter or queen's gentle child, she was the iron and the flame of the kingdom's heart. Exactly like my book character!

darya dogusheva - Google Search

darya dogusheva (one of the other hunters they find. She and karin begin as rivals, end up allies/friends)

Linus Wordemann. linus_jasper

Linus Wordemann Gryffindor (half blood, happy family two younger siblings older girl youngest boy not at Hogwarts yet) [Amber's match] (sweet, insanely loyal, very tender and caring also keeps his promises)


I dreamt the mountain towered there. Our love dwelt in the stars; A love outré and twice as rare, A love like yours both Fay and fair, A love that clings to your red hair, A love that now is ours.

girl image

Everyone loves redheads with curly hair, they look unique and chic. In this post you will find the best images of Long Red Curly Hair.