#Funny Text Message By A Loser Boyfriend

Now that's a fucking sweet guy and a total keeper. That boy is no loser he stood up for his girl. I don't need anybody to stand up for me, but it's nice knowing somebody will.

The grammer reminds me of someone who couldnt spell a wird whuch was on the bedsheet he was sitting on and it was a basic word for any secondary kid

I find it cute with all these things besides the grammar thing since i love country boys more than anything.

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When Romeo gets a phone after he finds me and we leave town together, I hope he brags to his other friends about me like this

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Top 30 Very Funny Texts

Instead of asking 'Wyd'

Relationship Goals - Cannot emphasize how much I loathe being asked "What you doing? Act interested or I'm not gonna be around much longer!