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descriptive words other words to use. be still my heart! I love using a variety of descriptive words. This list, in the words of Mrs.Riley -my high school English teacher, is a plethora of words :-)

Great activity to have students look for synonyms for "said" during readers' workshop.

Not sure I'd use this title for my anchor chart, but it's great to build descriptive writing "Said is Dead".Encourage descriptive writing with these alternatives to "said".

10 Most Commonly Misused Words   --   Yes, but . . ."compelled" may refer to being forced by the unseen, such as guilt or peer pressure, and repetition is certainly superfluous and, therefore, "redundant."

✒══Logophile I love word definitions and the "history" of words, meaning the roots of where the word came from, like ancient Greek or Latin (etc. I love grammar. A really, really good English teacher made the subject fun.

Retired Word List (Dead Words) Anchor Chart for Writer's Workshop *****

My Not-So-Pinteresty Anchor Charts

This link takes you to anchor chart ideas for your classroom. The anchor chart that is pictured is absolutely perfect! Having a Retired Word List with examples of better words will help the students become a better writer with a developed vocabulary.

Synonym Activity "I Have...Who Has...?" for 5th and 6th grade language arts.

Synonym Activity "I Have...Who Has...?"

Long Division Practice Packet - 8 worksheets for students to practice long division with and without remainders.

16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead (Infographic)’s Word of the Day - psittacism - mechanical, repetitive, and meaningless speech.

Psittacism - mechanical, repetitive, and meaningless speech. Origin Latin Psittacism comes from the Latin word for "parrot," psittacus. It gained traction in English in the late

Children with sensory difficulties may struggle with toileting. "Toileting and Sensory Processing" discusses the sensory considerations in teaching a child to potty-train.

Toileting and Sensory Processing

128 words to use instead of "very".Writing is hard, and writing without repeating yourself is very, very hard—but as you may have already noticed, one of the most repeated words in English is the intensifying modifier "very.

Ugh, yes. I've been noticing that a lot more lately. Also, I have a tendency to use this a lot: "..."

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