mymodernmetselects: “ Ever wish you could make the magnificent beauty of flowers last for a lifetime? Janska of Ocean Petals has found a way. The artist grows a large garden of predominately native.

Set of 3 house decorations.

This set of three "Snowy glass houses" will look magical hung on a Christmas tree or in a window. Each decoration has an embossed house with falling glass snow xx

Dandelion paperweight tutorial!

Dandelion paperweight tutorial!

Resin + Candy

For Lisa C: Candy Coasters by Steph Mantis - candy suspended in resin - ZOMG. I have resin!

Free how-to video for polishing resin, samples shown from the video using the two different techniques. The before and afters show the shine you can achieve.


FREE tutorial video showing different ways to shine up your resin pieces. - pulire e rendere lucida la resina

Wood coasters with blue glowing resin inlays. This would be really cool to make, with thinner resin cracks and different glowing colours?

Wood coasters with blue glowing resin inlays

These blue, glowing wood coasters are so cool, you'll want to make a few for your home.