Vintage advertising posters.

British advert for fairy liquid soap. Looks vintage, but it isn't. Best detergent ever!

Vintage Wrigley's Chewing Gum ad from 1954: "Freshen your taste! Chew Wrigley's." ... "Helps brighten teeth - sweetens breath. Aids your digestion. Enjoy chewing daily. Keep a packet handy. Refreshing - Delicious!"

Vintage Wrigley's Chewing Gum ad from "Freshen your taste! Aids your digestion. Keep a packet handy.

New Retro Rocket Ice Lolly # 111 Vintage Style Metal Wall Plaque Sign | eBay

Rocket Ice Lolly Art Poster Print Sign by Martin Wiscombe, fave ice lolly for a tanner.

Vintage advertising posters | chocolate

Slogan - A vintage 'KitKat' advertisement with its slogan 'Have a break.have a Kit Kat!

Golden Shred marmalade advertisement, complete with the Robertson Golliwog

Robert Opie Tea Towel Golden Shred Family Faveorite - Retro style

Golden Shred marmalade advert complete with the Robertson Golliwog, remember this like yesterday, and the T.