Have all your babes grown up and he or she no more needs the crib? Now it is time to transform them in something more practical. They will even more valuable when we reuse them.  Here are 30 fabulous ways to revive and reuse the old cribs. Look at them and let the imagination begin […]

Top 30 Fabulous Ideas To Repurpose Old Cribs

Repurpose a Drop Side Crib by hanging picture frames on an old crib rail!

I LOVE this idea!! I think Im going to do it, my youngest just started using his toddler bed so now I have an extra crib!!! <3

I think Im going to do it, my youngest just started using his toddler bed so now I have an extra crib! by janie

Reusing Crib Rails | ecogreenlove

Reusing Crib Rails | ecogreenlove

Don't throw away crib! 11 ideas how to reuse them

When Baby Outgrew Her Crib, Dad Transformed it Into a Beautiful Piece for Their Home

If you have no other use for your baby's old crib, don't take it to the junk yard! Here are 11 shockingly adorable and ingenious ways to reuse that old crib!

Adaptation of a water wall. recycling an old cot and using old wellies too.

A fantastic adaptation of a water wall. Recycling an old crib and using old wellies too.

Ideas To Repurpose & Upcycle Used Baby Cribs

Repurpose used baby crib into a craft room work space/desk {featured on Home Storage Solutions

Reusing Crib Rails | ecogreenlove

She leans an old crib rail against a trash can. What it becomes? I am so saving this backyard idea for spring!

DIY crib rail into book shelf

Turn a Crib Rail into a Bookshelf in 10 Seconds

Turn an old crib rail into a bookshelf! 20 days till we have an old crib rail.

how to upcycle a drop side crib

What to Do with Your Drop-Side Crib

Drop-side crib ideas- Might use it for a quilt hanger or a trellis?

great idea to reuse crib for an art center/desk

the boo and the boy, Canada, about family and kids' rooms

Hmmm... Reuse crib mattress for kid sofa?

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