Pocket: New yarns. Richard Tuttle

The artist Gabriel Kuri’s oeuvre plays with the principles of minimalism and the history of consumption, integrating elements of everyday life.

Richard Tuttle is one of the most singular and influential artists working today, whose extraordinary work eludes classification and dissolves the boundaries of sculpture, painting, drawing, installation and printmaking. Since his first exhibition in New York in 1965, Richard Tuttle has employed the strongest of soft touches on a groundbreaking explo- ration into the poetry of form, color, line and the material. He has consistently expanded our understanding of the art object’s relationship…

inspiration - weaving on wire mesh Richard Tuttle "The Place In The Window, II…

Mixed materials of silver and cement by Richard Tuttle - need a cool sculpture like this on my new dresser!

silver + cement--Richard Tuttle Make long "feet" for crystals so they stand up tall.

RICHARD TUTTLE Looking for the Map 3, 2013-2014  fabric, wire mesh, wood, paperclips and electrical wire 53 1/2 × 16 × 6 in 135.9 × 40.6 × 15.2 cm Pace Gallery

RICHARD TUTTLE Looking for the Map fabric, wire mesh, wood, paperclips and electrical wire 53 × 16 × 6 in × × cm Pace Gallery

Richard Tuttle

Richard Tuttle, This Is A Study For Black And Whiteness With Two Whites And One Black So That The Composition Is Unified And Contrasting To The Paper

Richard Tuttle  10, A  2000

Richard Tuttle - Exhibition at MoCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2007

Richard Tuttle: Artists are like clouds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEoZpS4AWLw  http://www.pinterest.com/3houseclub/teaching-richard-tuttle/

An emotional interview with the award winning post minimalist Richard Tuttle, known for his subtle, intimate works: ”Artists they’re from nature, they…