Last Minute DIY Risky Business Costume

Halloween DIY: The Last Minute Costume

Last Minute DIY Risky Business Costume: Related through my project because of the 'dancing on his own' manner

5 Things You Learn When You Live Alone

5 Things You Learn When You Live Alone

Tom Cruise Dancing Risky Business - 1983 Although this is a classic, I prefer Heidi Klum’s rendition of the iconic scene.

I got: "80's expert over here!!!" (10 out of 10! ) - Guess The 80's Teen Movie Game

Guess The 80's Teen Movie Game

Tom in Risky business

Tom in Risky business

Risky Business

Tom Cruise is a maniac! Top10 best TC movies...!: No. 3 -- Risky Business

OK, not a "costume" but an accessory, made famous by the film, "Risky Business," and Tom Cruise.

1983 Photo - Tom Cruise's Ageless Face - Us Weekly

Tom Cruise's Ageless Face

as a child, Tom Cruise suffered from dyslexia, was bullied by his peers, and beaten and then abandoned by his father

TOM CRUISE IN "RISKY BUSINESS" Possibly the laziest lazy girl costume of them all — you technically don't even have to wear shoes. Grab his button-down, your old cheerleading shorts, a pair of white tube socks, and some Wayfarers, and slide right into the party in style.

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Super-Lazy People

RISKY BUSINESS: Slide into the Halloween party with style. You can create this costume with a white botton-down, shorts, white tube socks, Wayfarers, and some killer act-like-nobody's-watching dance moves.