Road to Avonlea, I feel better already. Escapism at its most soothing.

Ever need to escape form the world, turn on a Road to Avonlea episode.

Keep Calm & Watch Road To Avonlea! Oh my goodness this was meant for me!!! yes yes favorite ever show!! :D

Keep Calm & Watch Road To Avonlea! I looooooooooooooove Hetty King

The farm house where Alec and his family live. on Road to Avonlea series

Kevin Sullivan brings you An Avonlea Christmas, a lovely family Christmas movie.

my fav couple when I was like ten.I still love them though Felix King Izzy Pettibone Road to Avonlea

Felix King and Izzy Pettibone. Road to Avonlea. Haven't seen an episode that tells me anything about it.

Gus and Felix and Methuselah - Road to Avonlea - Episode: Hearts and Flowers.

Felix and Gus at the White Sands Hotel where the two of them work.