Alternate Uses for your Roaster Oven besides turkey! Try Honey Roasted Spareribs! @hamiltonbeach

10 Ways to Use Your Roaster Oven for More Than Just Turkey

Honey Roasted Spareribs **I like sweet, maybe add crushed garlic? I miss the honey garlic ribs I used to get at a Chinese fast food place.

Three loaves ready to bake

Baking When the Temperatures Soar

How to Bake Potatoes in a Roaster Oven | eHow

How to Bake Potatoes in a Roaster Oven

I never found good information on making a great whole roasted turkey in an electric roaster oven and thought Id share my tried and true tips for making your holiday turkey moist and beautiful and delicious!  Ive read that roaster ovens effectively steam the turkey making the meat come out ... well, steamed.  This is not true. Follow these tips and your holiday turkey will get rave reviews!

Perfect Turkey in an Electric Roaster Oven

This recipe by Martha Stewart makes the most amazingly moist and perfect turkey. Both my mom and mother and law have been using this recipe exclusively since they discovered it about 6 years back. Once you try it you will not go back to making a turkey

10 Ways to Use a Roaster Oven Besides just Turkey - important Thanksgiving advice from @hamiltonbeach

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Thanksgiving is around the corner and you’re probably pulling out your roaster oven, wishing it served a bigger purpose than just cooking a turkey. But don’t be quick to resign the roaster to the back of the closet. Not only can it bake and roast …

How to Use a Roaster Oven as a Slow Cooker | eHow

How to Use a Roaster Oven as a Slow Cooker

Self-contained countertop roaster ovens make a useful complement to the oven in your range, consuming less energy and releasing less heat into your kitchen