Italy. Queuing for water, Napoli, October, 1943 WWII // Robert Capa

La guerra italiana di Robert Capa in mostra al Museo Alinari

Ingrid Bergman by Robert Capa at "Stromboli" set. (I have left the original caption: This is NOT a Capa photo - it was taken by Gordon Parks but it was taken when she was working on 'Stromboli')

Gordon Parks—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images - Ingrid Bergman stands on a street as village women stare at her during filming of the movie, Stromboli, on the Italian island of Stromboli,

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio: Robert Capa, born Andre Friedman

Robert Capa - American soldiers & French civilians celebrating the liberation of the city in front of Cherbourg's city hall - June 28 1944

6 juin 1944 : Robert Cappa (this caption is what came with this pin, but the photo is NOT a Capa photo. The article at the link has all the photos correctly attributed and it does not include anything by Capa or about Capa)

70 ans après : les 12 mystères du Débarquement

While under attack of heavy machine gun fire from the German coastal defense forces, American soldiers wade ashore off the ramp of a U. Coast Guard landing craft, during the Allied landing operations at Normandy, France on D-Day, June (AP Photo

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La guerra civil española en imagenes

Air strike on the road Barcelona, Tarragona, Robert Capa photo

© robert capa, barcelona, spain — bidding farewell before the departure of a military train directed to the aragon front, august 1939

© robert capa, barcelona, spain — bidding farewell with a kiss before the departure of a military train directed to the aragon front, august 1936

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D Day 1944 Robert Capa (this is NOT a Capa photo: was taken on Omaha Beach by Walter Rosenblum )

Robert Cappa 1944.

Drivers of the French ambulance corps near the fighting zone, waiting to be called. 1944 Motoristas do corpo de ambulância francesa perto da zona de combate, à espera de ser chamado.

Robert Capa. Pablo Picasso et Françoise Gilot (en arrière-plan, le neveu de Picasso Javier Vicaro), Golfe-Juan (1948)

The 10 Best Photos of Artists at the Beach

Pablo Picasso & Francoise Gilot photograph taken by Robert Capa on the French Riviera. 1951 image taken by Robert Capa

Robert Capa avec une inconnue. (Date indéterminée).


Photographer unknown, Robert Capa dancing with an unidentified person. Date unknown.

Robert Capa (Endre Friedmann), Budapest, Hungary, 1950's

This is a photograph by Robert Capa, that shows a group of birds as they fly by people. I like how the birds are focused, and are in motion.