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Robert Dennis Crumb born August 30 1943 is an American cartoonist and musician who often signs his work RCrumb His work displays a nostalgia for America

The Bristol Board : Photo

thebristolboard: “ Original pin-up art by Robert Crumb from Art & Beauty Magazine published by Fantagraphics, ”

Untitled, 2002 Page from Art & Beauty Magazine, Number 2, 2003 by R. CRumb To me Robert crumb always had a great observational skill used to portrait humans. His humans a vibrant and flawed perfectly illustration of humans in all there glory. The ink keeps every flaw from the artist and the pen locked on to the paper. Creating a beautiful symbiotic depiction of life created by the artist. GynnildArt.

Robert Crumb: in the studio

Untitled, 2002 Page from Art & Beauty Magazine, Number 2003 by R.

Autoportraits - Opus 3

Autoportraits - Opus 3

Robert Crumb - comic book artist- 'Third Eye' - or as Cartman says in South Park The Movie, "Fuck you guys, I wanna get out of here.