Homemade Robot Boy Costume: When my son told me he wanted to be a robot for Halloween, I knew only a homemade costume would do.

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Emma: I made this robot costume for my 3 year old Jack. I got so many compliments on it because it was home-made and creative, so I thought I'd submit it...

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Guest Post! Robot Tutorial with Sarah from Tots and Bottoms ...

Guest Post! Robot Tutorial with Sarah from Tots and Bottoms

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I know we did robot costumes before, but, well, my kids want to be fracking toasters, what can I say? (apologies to non Battlestar Galactica.

Happy Halloween!!! Check out these awesome Robot costumes! Have a safe and fun Halloween!!

The robot Halloween costume. It's classic, right? It's one of those costumes you can make at the last minute, and still look great — some cardboard boxes and whatever random junk glued on as knobs,.