TNB: 8 Ways to Improve Your Footwork

Rock climbing takes some skilled footwork. Here are 8 ways to improve your footing when you go indoor climbing.

la sportiva oxygym - washable rock climbing shoes - I wonder how well they actually work and if washing them changes them in any way

The comfortable, washable La Sportiva Oxygym Rock Shoes for women are breathable and durable, making them great as all-day shoes for climbing at the gym or going to the crag with friends. Available at REI, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Find the perfect size for rock climbing shoe for you

Easy to digest chart of climbing shoes. Great reference if you are uncertain what type is best for you!

interesting! What our feet look in our beloved climbing shoes

mixicanese: definedbypassion: infituation: climblikeman: xray’d climbing shoes I regret nothing. …climbers: bringing foot binding back like it’s century China.

Rock Climbing Shoe Keychain  Custom and unique gift by HeelHooks

Rock Climbing Keychain

Custom Rock Climbing Shoe Keychain Custom - by HeelHooks Gifts for climbers!

A Natural Remedy For Stinky Rock Climbing Shoes |

The stinch of our youngest son's climbing shoes completely consumed the air in our van as we

How to Tie Figure 8 Follow-Through Knot with a double fisherman's as a safety knot | Rock Climbing. Has some nifty beginner's tricks for remembering.

If you want to prepare yourself for an emergency, learning how to tie knots important. Here are 17 essential knots you need to learn how to tie today.

Edelrid Solaris Harness | 3D-Vent women's harness. | at #rock #climbing #gear

Edelrid Solaris Rock Climbing Harness WITH the most adjustable hipbelt on the market, the top and bottom adjust to fit every lady shape!

HydroGym Woman: The first shoe to be made in a completely breathable and washable fabric, created especially for use in indoor climbing gyms and the ideal choice for newcomers to the sport.

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La Sportiva Mythos Rock Shoes - Women's - Free Shipping at

Mythos Climbing Shoes - Women's

La Sportiva Mythos Rock Shoes - Women's My shoes! Literally THE BEST climbing shoes I ever owned.

Tips for Buying Rock Climbing Shoes

10 Tips for Climbers to Buy the Right Rock Shoes


Do you know the greatest climbing distance travelled in 24 hrs? Check out this cool rock climbing infographic.

Rock climbing risk management is all about the successful evaluation of risk/reward within the contact of your larger goals.

Rock Climbing Risk Management

Evolv Kira Climbing Shoe - Women's Teal

Evolv Kira Climbing Shoe - Women's