"Using rocks they find around town, my kids love to make Pet Rock necklaces. They create silly faces and creatures on the rocks with acrylic paint, attach a bail (pendant base) to the rock with glue, then thread a strand of yard, ribbon, or waxed cotton cord through the bail. For one necklace, we even decoupaged a scrap of a dictionary page onto a stone. The kids enjoy hunting for just the right rocks and coming up with their very own designs." --Erin Shakespear of Cedar City, UT

rock necklaces covered with book page craft idea thinking mother's day.ask for mom's favorite book, xerox a page, mod podge to rock and put on a cord.

Kewl project with a dremmel tool and masonry drill bits! Of course you can save some time and goto KEM Designs and order them.  Beach Stone Jewelry - KEM Designs

Beach Stone Jewelry

cape cod beach stone jewelry (make the exterior rock from polymer clay and use beach stones for the center)

Rock Necklaces | Crafts | Spoonful   ... except we will draw a Cross on the rock with a sharpie

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This is a stunning DIY rock craft. This is a great project if you are into arts and crafts. It’s a unique project and you can actually give these Rock.

DIY Tutorial: Stone and Wire Wraparound Necklace

DIY Tutorial: Stone and Wire Wraparound Necklace

Lava Rock Oil Diffuser Necklace

Lava Rock Oil Diffuser Necklace

This dainty lava rock necklace is a modern and stylish way to use your oils every day. By adding drops of your favorite oil to the lava rock and allowing i

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New for Fall: Long Druzy Pendants - Margaret Elizabeth Interesting Necklaces - these are long druzy pendants. Similar philosophy to rings, not too clean cut-- keep it interesting. Ask mom or evan