Cindy Fears with the coolest roller derby pose ever!

Cindy Fears with the coolest roller derby pose ever!

Raquel Welch Roller Girl via Miss Moss - when I was little I wanted to grow up an be a roller derby girl just like her... true

roller raquel

vintage roller girl Raquel Welch was crowned the ultimate derby bombshell in the 1972 movie, "Kansas City Bomber"

Roller derby girls

Savannah Derby Devils - Insanity on Skates - Savannah For 91 Days

Derby Girl. Leaning into that crossover.

Five Reasons Derby Girls Will Have No Problems Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse - The High Tech Society

Toronto Roller Derby's 20 day fitness challenge. Recommended for better derby…

Eastside Derby Girls - Michigan Roller Derby - Remember, Derby Position is a squatted position.

If you rolled around in skates in a derby squat, you could look like this too!

Derby idol Lulu Lockjaw, now of Bay Area Derby Girls (photo uncredited) ---ugh lulu lockjaw tho.

Roller Derby Ref Hand Signals!!  #RollerDerby #WFTDA

Common Roller Derby Ref Hand Signals Infographic