11 Reasons Your Girlfriend Loves Pro Wrestling (And Just Doesn't Know It Yet)

psychedelicpink: “ chocolatefitspo: “ “ “ The Rock’s cousin Roman… those Samoan men are so fine! ” That smile ” is this really his cousin?

Believe In The Shield

❤️ Seth Rollins ❤️ Dean Ambrose ❤️ Roman Reigns ❤️ Love making GIF's and loving my boys, no need for anything else❣️ Stella, currently in UK, originally from Finland.

Can we all just agree that this was too adorable that they made them stand next to each other

"I love how even though the shield is broken up Dean and Roman still stay close to each other." Of course, accordingbto Dean, Roman is his "brotha" and Seth Rollins is a "scumbag" XDDDDD