George and Angelina getting married. L-R: Victoire, [no idea], Ginny, Hermione, Angelina, George, Ron, Harry, Teddy, [no idea]

Whose wedding is this? And who is the black haired boy? It can't be James. He is younger than Teddy.<<could be Percy & Audrey? The little blond would be Victorie and the other girl & black haired kid could be from Audrey's side of the family?

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"Meeting you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice. But falling in love with you I had no control over.

And then there would be would Ron and Hermione's kids, "If your friends told you to jump off a cliff, would you?" "Well, I don't know. But I do know that you followed Uncle Harry into no less than four near death experiences, a war, and an illicit club. I think I can safely go to Scorpio's birthday party with Greengrass."

Bent winged snitches 😂 that would be great, if not for the fact that the cursed child messed up these headcannons for me.

Ron and Hermione Weasley, Rose and baby Hugo. <3

Winter Weasleys by ~anxiouspineapples on deviantART (Rose, Ron, Hermione, and Hugo). I don't care for the pairing but the art is beautiful.

ron and hermione by on @deviantART

ron and hermione by *burdge-bug on deviantART ~~~~ Fucking Adorable!

The Trio....Till The Very End!

Day Best Friends at Hogwarts: Harry, Ron and Hermione. I think I'd also be friends with Ginny, Neville, and Luna

"Rachel and her boyfriend Trevor cosplayed as Hermione and Ron going to the Yule ball... for their own prom!" by TheDeluxeWar, found via EPBOT

Hermione and Ron going to the Yule Ball from Harry Potter for an adorable couple Halloween costume -- Another Idea?