USGA and R&A publish paper on driving distance in professional golf Data Included from Seven Major Tours Around the World The USGA and The R&A have published a research document that reports important.

Understanding Basic and Advanced Rules of Golf

Understanding Basic and Advanced Rules of Golf: The Official Rules of Golf are published in booklet format every four years by the R&A and USGA.

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Golf Rules in Plain English: A Quick Introduction What the Rules Say

The Original Rules of Golf Were Only 13 Sentences Long - Here They Are

When were the first rules of golf developed? The Golf History FAQ, from the About Golf Guide, answers that question - and shares the original rules.

Have a Buddy that is Unbearable to Play Golf With? Tired of Annoying Playing Partners and Rule Breakers? Share these Quick Tips to Play Golf the Right Way with them now. These are great tips for etiquette and rules!

The Top 10 Tips On Good Golf Etiquette – The (sometimes) Unwritten Rules of Golf

Get to Know Rule 16 (The Putting Green) from the Rules of Golf

Get to Know Rule 16 (The Putting Green) from the Rules of Golf: Rule 16 from the Rules of Golf covers the putting green.

Golf Etiquette is not supervised on the golf course - Understand The Basics .

This guide provides a simple explanation of common Rules of Golf situations. It is not a substitute for the Rules of Golf, which should be consulted whenever any

Golf Etiquette - Learn The Rules Of Basic Golf Manners

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There are a million rules in golf, but you really only need to know a few of them for your first round. Here are some of the basic rules of golf.