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2 Weeks to an ABSolutely Amazing Core

2 Weeks to an ABSolutely Amazing Core

The best runs come on days you didn't feel like running. This is so true! #running #quote

#MotivateMe Monday: Back to the Grind

Got a #marathon #mantra?

* Sky ~ Earth ~ Fire * I would change it to. sky above me, water below me, earth surrounds me, fire within me.


Going to do exactly this when my back heals. You never want to workout more in your life than the times you physically can't. I can't imagine this being a permanent thing.

Took me 4 months to build up to a 10 mile run 2 years ago. Then life happened and training was sidelined until this February. 7 weeks in and 10 miles it is.

Morning Motivation (19 Photos)

Haha Love it!

I'm not training to be skinny, I'm training to be badass. I actually find this quote relatively true for whenever I "attempt" to exercise.

8 Inspirational Running Quotes

8 Inspirational Running Quotes

8 inspirational running quotes guaranteed to make you want to go out and run right now - because sometimes a little motivation goes a long way.