Russia, Altai Republic, Shavla river bend

~~Shavlinskih bend ~ autumn reflections, Altai Republic, Severo-Chuyskiy range, Russia by Alexander Ermolitskii~~

Divnogorsk, Russia

Divnogorsk, Russia I'd like to visit an ice castle someday! I wonder if here's a good place to look for one

Wonder Lake in Altai, Siberia. Photo by Svetlana Shupenko

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Wonder Lake in Altai, Siberia, Russia. Photo by Svetlana Shupenko

Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal - Russia | Full Dose

Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal - Russia

Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal - Russia Faerie gemstones - more precious for their transience

Kenozersky National Park in the summer, Russia | Daniel Kordan Photography

Instagram Post by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan)

Stunning Colorful Glass ‘Pebble’ Beach at Ussuri Bay – Design Swan

Sad, but Colorful Glass ‘Pebble’ Beach at Ussuri Bay. About 400 miles due west of northern Japan in Russia.

Lake Baikal ice adventure. Russia.

Baikal Photo Tour - Capture the Enchanting Ice Paradise

According to photographer Kristina Makeeva: “Baikal is impressive. It’s the deepest and the cleanest lake on Earth. When we were planning a trip, we didn’t even suspect it is so wonderful, majestic…

Russian, Altai Republic, Ulagansky District

Russia, Altai Republic, Ulagan outside the village Aktas. View, North Chu Ridge by Alexander Nerozya