These simple frosting flowers are a beautiful and easy way to dress up a cake this spring.

Make Beautiful Buttercream Flower Cupcakes

How to Make Frosting Flowers with a Modern Flair - These buttercream blooms are the perfect Mother's Day cake topper. They may look intricate, but it's easy to learn how to make frosting flowers with this tutorial and our top tips.

Flower Cupcakes using Russian Piping Tips and regular tips by Make Fabulous Cakes

Russian Piping Tips Guide plus Video

I finally got my hands on these Russian piping tips! I keep seeing them everywhere and honestly at first I was just really intrigued and curious, and that is why I got it.

Learn how to make Buttercream Chrysanthemum flowers on your cupcakes + video

Buttercream Chrysanthemum Flowers Cupcakes

Learn how to make fabulous buttercream flowers with this online class. Over 3 hours of video lessons on how to make buttercream flowers for cake that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS - What are RUSSIAN BALL TIPS & What do they do? - YouTube - YouTube

Russian ball piping tips, russian piping tips, ball piping tips! - This video is a demonstration on the new sphere piping tips! Russian pastry tips are quite.

Russian Tips (a tutorial)

Russian Tips (a tutorial)

Russian piping tips - Cupcake Piping Techniques Tutorial #3 - YouTube

Russian piping tips - Cupcake Piping Techniques Tutorial #3 - YouTube

russian decorating tips 101 | The Baking Fairy

classic American buttercream

Have you ever wondered what Russian decorating tips are, and how to use them? These special tips are SO easy to use and make the prettiest frosting flowers!

The Best Frosting Recipes To Use With Russian Piping Tips | Russian Piping Tips

A good buttercream recipe is simply the most important thing you should have when using the Russian Piping Tips.

The Best Stiff Buttercream Recipe for Piping Flowers - Crusting Buttercream Recipe - Veena Azmanov

If you plan to pipe the first thing you need is the best stiff buttercream recipe for piping flowers. One that will pipe perfect buttercream flowers for you and will taste as delicious as it looks. Th(Christmas Bake Decorating)