Травология — дисциплина, изучающая различные растения: обычные, лечебные и откровенно волшебные. Последние, конечно, пристальней всего. Изучаются особенности произрастания, ухаживания, полезности различных частей (стебли, листья, корни, плоды и т. д.) и их сбора. Отдельное внимание уделяется опасным растениям (например, Дьявольские силки, Бешеный огурец, Мандрагора) и способам их нейтрализации.

Mushroom Friday no. 6 - From the spine of Fungi and How to Know Them by E. Illustrated by M. Methuen Co, London, 1909

Learn to read Russian in a lot longer than 15 minutes :(

Learn to read Russian in 15 minutes (Is this real life?)

In the ninth century, missionaries Cyril and Methodius devised a written script, Cyrillic, for the Slavic language. It provided a base for literacy in Eastern Europe.

Language: The official language is Cyrillic the alphabet has 33 letters. There letters can be compacted together. Some words are Hi is privet yes is da no is net.

Slavic Mythology, monsters and gods, part 3

Slavic Mythology, monsters and gods, part 3

If fireworks might be scary for your little ones, begin with an art project to introduce the bright lights. #fireworks #July4th

Draw colorful "fireworks" on black paper—or asphalt. They pop into spectacular when you look through the special glasses. Chalk fireworks make any day, or night, a celebration.

"Hold on, wait. I just butchered this spanish word and now I have a guardian"

Prompt -- Every human has a personal invisible guardian, summoned by magic words long forgotten. You've just said the words by accident. THE WORDS SHOULD BE DAGFLABBIT