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By: @husetpaanordseth _______________________________________________▫️⭐️✨⭐️▫️ _______________________________________________ #interior #interiordesigner #interiorstyling

Rustic wood shelves.

Как обустроить маленький женский гардероб: 10 советов и 30 идей

Best DIY Projects: DIY Dining Room Open Shelving by The Wood Grain Cottage

Wood Profits - Best DIY Projects: DIY Dining Room Open Shelving by The Wood Grain Cottage - Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Rustic style may be more suitable for getaway cabin decor but little rustic accents sprinkled throughout your home works with any style. Handcrafted accents have even a bigger appeal because you ca...

20 Rustic DIY and Handcrafted Accents to Bring Warmth to Your Home Decor

I love this wood plank accent wall. It doesn't matter what decor style you're going for, you'll always find a place for rustic accents -- they can add a ton of warmth to your home! Check out 20 brilliant rustic DIY home decor ideas.

Love these closet doors, maybe for my office someday.....someday....

12 Amazingly Rustic Closets

Old doors re-purposed for closet doors. I love this. the big closet, the doors, the floor! So beautiful!

industrial and rustic and way better looking than those awful white wire shelves

Plumbing Pipe Shelves and Hangers

DIY Industrial Pipe & Wood Shelving (This specific project was done for closet storage, but could easily be modified & scaled up or down for a living room, bedroom, etc.


12 Amazingly Rustic Closets

Let& skip the lacy frills! Check out these 12 Amazingly Rustic Closets that are still perfectly gorgeous in their own little simplistic way.