[RWBY] Adam Taurus by zeleftenant

[RWBY] Adam Taurus by zeleftenant *slices his body in a billion pieces*

[RWBY] Adam Taurus by AikiYun

[RWBY] Adam Taurus by AikiYun ‘No, but they’ll listen to me.

I think I can see Yang's hand in the distance

Jay: Bio: (M) WOC: Katana and (Slightly Crazy, has 2 different personas, has a knack of pulling out just he right thing at the right time)

Adam Tuarus, one of the villains from the web series RWBY. #RWBY #Villains…

Adam Taurus

rwby blake x adam | Tumblr

rwby blake x adam WHY do I have to ship these two? Their relationship is so abusive! But they're so darn cute together!