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Blake Belladonna wearing a Traditional Qipao (Chinese Dress)

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Rwby volume 4 REAL concept art (rooster teeth)

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Blake Belladonna RWBY

RWBY ~ Blake Belladonna ~ I don't know.Blake is cool and cute but I really love her weapons *-* and she's one of the coolest characters of RWBY I think actually.I think that I love most of the RWBY characters xDD

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belladonna by HAYADAI on DeviantArt

animal_ears arm_ribbon bangs black_hair blake_belladonna bow cat_ears cat_girl closed_mouth eyelashes from_side h-y-d highres light_particles lips long_hair looking_at_viewer petals portrait ribbon rwby slit_pupils solo spoilers yellow_eyes

Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladona - Other Wallpaper ID 1782852 - Desktop Nexus Anime