The nuckelavee is a great name for this grim. Look up the name then its make sense for to name the grim nuckelavee.

If you didn't think this Grimm was the coolest thing ever (or at least since the water dragon Grimm) then you are WRONG. So just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong!

Hvitur Ridari (Perswerte) RWBY GRIMM OC by Nakama-Raibor

" Last recorded speech from a Huntsman.

rwby, grimm

So I did another Zerg Grimm hybrid thing! This time based on a primal zerg. God I really love zerg, th.

RWBY that's terrifying but at the same time it looks sooo amazing cause we know Ruby can kick that wolfs ass -Joey

Day 4 of Inktober, with some of that RWBY 4 hype. Drawn by me Also this is based off of a small comic strip I’m making that will be coming soon.

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RWBY Bestiary: Iskari

Journal Entry: “While traveling with my Bedohari companions, I had the opportunity to have some interesting discussions wi.

RWBY- Grimm concept art

Oh come on, it's just a really big one, I fight bigger stuff In monster hunter all the time!

Steam Community :: RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Team RNJR make it to Mistral and along the way meet up with the rest … Fanfiction