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Me: Oh, I wonder who are the wonderful and great people behind the music in RW- Me: *sees picture* Me: -_-

劇場限定版の特製スリーブケースやサントラVOCAL ALBUMなど、ジャケットデザインも追加公開! ll #RWBY #RWBY_JP

RWBY 日本公式 on

Anime (Animated) :: Rwby :: Yang, Weiss, Ruby, and Blake

RTX 2014 - Jeff and Casey Lee Williams - RWBY music panel "Wings"

Jeff and Casey Lee Williams - RWBY music panel "Wings".totally addicted to this duo's tunes, especially from the Rooster Teeth series "RWBY". Incredible talent and obvious curiosity of any music genre.

RWBY: my life is a series of poorly made choices with alternative music playing in the background

This is describes my life but a mix of Spanish music and country music with a dash of English and Korean and a pinch of rock playing in the background

RWBY: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme

RWBY: Image Gallery

Ren, you're the only one on team JNPR not wearing a dress, go change you reject.