I got Ruby, Amber, White Twin (i forgot which is which), and Mercury.

RWBY Team Builder

Nora Valkyrie, Roman Torchwick, Neon Katt, and Salem

Fantasy name generator for RWBY

Fantasy name generator for RWBY

The Gavin Free Insult Generator

The Gavin Free Insult Generator. My favorite insult is when he calls someone a dopey donut


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Pyrrha X Katarina by JohnyHo on DeviantArt

Red Hair , Green Eye , Female Warrior, Beautiful Girl Such similar character they are ! Hope you guys like it~~ Pyrrha X Katarina

omg, I just realised that I say omg too much....

I got Celestial spirit magic which I love but I would have liked to get dragon slayer magic.

CFVY Elements by CapricornGuy

Now that we know Velvet can generate photocopies of other people's weapons… CFVY Elements

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League of Legends Diana vs Leona Game Girl Fight Gisalmeida