Obscure color names. Can be used for character names. or just make a character based on that color

Monty Oum on Twitter: "Attention RWBY fans who like coming up with RWBY OC's I'd like to share with you the naming rule in the RWBYverse! ...

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The Color Naming Rule is a set of guidelines that define how characters in the world of RWBY are.

Ashe Somber (RWBY OC) by EquestrianMarine on DeviantArt

This is an updated version of my existing OC. I thought it was appropriate to do so since volume 4 is coming up and everyone has a new look.

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This is cool, they could've put semblance for special ability tho

Lobo Amethysth [White Fang / Guardian] // RWBY OC by on @DeviantArt

Lobo Amethysth [White Fang / Guardian] // RWBY OC by on @DeviantArt

RWBY OC Commission: Team MLIT by 21as on DeviantArt << these OCs look awesome!

Commission for OC characters. This is team MLIT, from left to right: Miyuki Winfield, Leonardo Tsukiakari, Inari Tsukiakari, and&.

Grimm fan art!

RWBY Grimm fanart - pretty sure The Nope is the best one

RWBY OC Commission: Team MASK by 21as<-----S reminds me of Gwen from team NDGO

Commission for KravenErgeist's OC characters. Here is the finished picture of Team MASK.

Rwby Oc

Some of my OC works these days

RWBY: You are challenged by Huntress Team RWBY!

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'Ardent Whisper' - RWBY OC Weapon by on @DeviantArt

Here is a quick compilation of all my fan made weapons thus far. Some of them have been tweaked slightly, and they all have the RWBY-esque anime style outlin.

RWBY Concepts : OC - Siy by on @DeviantArt

RWBY Concepts : OC - Siy by on DeviantArt Could be a season for Yang. Or at least the arm.

'Crimson Twilight' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) by…

Here is my second commission! This weapon was extremely fun to design and model, and has a very fun and unique transformation.