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Aww this is awesome and sad

It was Summer right? I swear Ruby is Qrow and Summer's child who was raised by Tai. Because when Summer died Qrow started drinking, and was too immature to take care of Ruby. Therefore Tai, who also loved Summer, raised Ruby.

Love the little details that RT throws in to make everything feel authentic. This picture (and Qrow) has clearly been through some tough times. It just shows some incredible character detail.

Covers Summer with the mug because seeing her face hurts And the tears are freaking obvious


This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Does little Ruby like the instrument of death?

Does little Ruby like the instrument of death?

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this scenario is not possible. Qrow and Raven received their “gift” after they started at Beacon.

Qrow in his kilt! LOL I loved hearing that story. And loved that it finally made Yang laugh again. <3

Qrow in a 'kilt'!

"We told him it was just a kilt. He'd never worn a uniform before so he didn't know. That is terrible. The girls all said he had nice legs. I did that jerk a favor." (Not a kilt by chaoticshero) - Qrow

Qrow's scythe concept

Qrow's scythe concept

Team STRQ. Summer, Taiyang, Raven, and Qrow

Summer, Taiyang, Raven, and Qrow. Can we seriously get this as a spinoff series

RWBY spoilers Qrow saving ruby

Qrow saving Ruby<--- I didn't realize hat Ruby started to cry when she realized it was Qrow