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:) >>>>>I g are to be a buzzkill, but I don't think the body can physically handle bottles (splitting them evenly)

Perfect size for laptops and cars, and whatever else you can think of to stick it on. Ruby emblem is red, and measures X (Comes on backing paper with a

rwby coco wallpaper - Google Search

The couple isn't actually canon as no one from RT has confirmed, unfortunately. I ship all of them together in polyship, as well as individual ships-- Team CFVY motivational Poster by

Young justice batgirl

Awesome, Batgirl (Barbra Gordon) i have no idea how she became part of the Bat family but she is an awesome addition to to the team.

Figure is 6" high. Second of four Series 2 figures created by McFarlane Toys.  (Pyrrha and Ren to follow!)

RWBY Nora Figure

Yang is the Best Wingman~

Yang is the Best Wingman~

Is The Best, The O'jays, Handle, Rwby, Even, Photos

Me in a group project

Me in general. Just, this is me. If you mess with me, this. If I get put in a group I don't like for projects, this. Any other thing including me, this.

The Tinkerer by Madgamer2k7 on DeviantArt

Separated from her sister, Ruby panicked in the pandemonium and ran into the nearest room. The Tinkerer