RWBY Symbols canvas shoes by HellelujahsCreations on Etsy

RWBY Symbols canvas shoes by HellelujahsCreations on Etsy<<< Lets play spot the Bumblebee and White Rose

Ruby Rose/Image Gallery - RWBY Wiki

Ruby Rose/Image Gallery

Perfect size for laptops and cars, and whatever else you can think of to stick it on. Ruby emblem is red, and measures X (Comes on backing paper with a

RWBY insignia: Yang

RWBY insignia: Yang

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Ruby's rose symbol for her buckle

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a former student of Beacon Academy and the main protagonist of RWBY.

RWBY Blake Emblem Vinyl Decal (Black) | Rooster Teeth Store So this one's more silver, or white (I thought) in the show, but still. I want this one too.

RWBY Blake Emblem Vinyl Decal (Black)

Full portrait of Blake Early sketches of Blake Early Blake concept art, taken from Volume 2 Production Diary RWBY team full portraits A promotional for the "Yellow" Trailer.

RWBY Symbols wallpaper by crypticspider on DeviantArt

RWBY Symbols wallpaper by crypticspider. These are the symbols that are going to be on my painting at the end.