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What this from guys plz comment and tell me thanks

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RWBY/// this anime is legit one of the most kid-friendly and American one out there so if u interested plz watch it/////

More inspiration from Weiss. Looking at her movement and stances, she has a delicate frame and moves lightly on her toes, very bouncy.

Source: breica-artwork Weiss from RWBY I love her sword and power.her on the other hand.

RWBY, WeissSchnee

Beautiful im kinda new with this whole amine thing so

Weiss Schnee - V4 by einlee.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artwork for RWBY Volume This time around, Weiss is looking more elegant but a tad more sombre as she matures and pursues her own path. I& always loved the bolero look. It& probably not obviou.

RWBY: Weiss & The Knight

RWBY: Weiss & The Knight Is this a Fate: reference? Looks like Berserker

Weiss - http://kooriiko.tumblr.com/

I love Weiss and Ruby but I love Weiss because her ability is rare and it only runs in her family plus she is SO COOL!