Ry cooder

Ry Cooder...  American Musician

Brilliant slide guitarist and a keen blues enthusiast though he he is best known now for film music -- Ry Cooder, formerly of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band.

Movie Poster | Paris, Texas (1984) | Director: Wim Wenders |  Writers: L.M. Kit Carson (adaptation), Sam Shepard

Paris, Texas - Wim Wenders 1984 - -- "After having been missing for 4 years and presumed dead, Travis emerges from the desert near the Texas-Mexico border and collapses at a gas station.

Ry Cooder & Taj Mahal

The Rising Sons, Columbia Recording Studio, Los Angeles,

Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop

This is Ry Cooder Bop Till You Drop vinyl record album. The pictures are of the album cover. It is recorded on Warner Brothers Record Label 3358 in T

Ry Cooder, - slide guitar guru and multicultural music genius.  Ry later had a second fine career working on movie soundtracks, and since the ’90s he has thrown himself into world music collaborative projects and has worked in every conceivable musical hybrid from Havana to Timbuktu, Hawaii and Okinawa to the Ganges River…

Today’s OF spotlight is on Ry Cooder, slide guitar guru and multicultural music genius, who is 65 today! I probably spent more of my youth with Ry Cooder’s musical archeology than with any other.