It's Ryan Gosling...who cares if he has a man tank on!

I have a thing for guys with glasses. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling *sigh*

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Marilyn Monroe celebrity actress marilyn monroe celebrities ryan gosling celebrity actor ryan gosling celebrities The always beautiful Gwyne.

@Suzanne B ... Click through... Tough call... But RG shares my initials so I have to love him most... Right? :-P :-P

63 Reasons Why Bradley Cooper Definitely Isn't The Sexiest Man Alive

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Ryan Gosling Strolls in NYC Amid News of His Acting Hiatus

Ryan Gosling. Like a fine wine...

Casually Fine, Well Dressed Men

Ryan Gosling's relaxed street style: plain white tee with scoop neck, grey jeans and light brown boots. Simple yet strong

0117-GQ-FERG05-01-Ryan- Gosling-04.jpg Pajama shirt, $148, pants, $118, by Sleepy Jones | Glasses by Persol

Ryan Gosling Talks ‘La La Land’ and ‘Blade Runner'

Doesn't look right at all but...overall like the aesthetic and just the vibe. harried school kid who is run ragged by idiots at a play house.

Ryan Gosling : "j'ai besoin de faire une pause"

Ryan Gosling hey girl meme. Repinned from Vital Outburst clothing

I usually don't like these "Hey Girl" memes, but hey~ who is going to argue with Ryan Gosling getting them a glass of wine?

I can't say I find Ryan all that sexy, but if he wanted to rub my feet, I'd consider hittin that. Lol

5 Reasons Ryan Gosling Makes Us Swoon

This is gonna be fun. I'm writing this post so I can join a "Hey Girl" Link Party. A Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Link Party.

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