Ryan Gosling - Wikipedia

Ryan Gosling - Wikipedia

RYAN GOSLING ~ Born: November 1980 in London, Ontario, Canada. Married: No. Children: No. Lives: New York City. Career: Actor, restaurant owner ~ Tagine [Moroccan] in Beverly Hills, CA; musician ~ member of Dead Man's Bones. Films: Started in his teen years, with a few small roles. Movies: "Goosebumps; The Believer; The Notebook; Lars and the Real Girl; Blue Valentine; Crazy, Stupid, Love; The Ides of March; Gangster Squad. Awards: Nominated for Oscar [2006]; Golden Globe [2007].

TIL that when he was in the first grade Ryan Gosling was heavily influenced by the action film First Blood so he took steak knives to school and threw them at other children during recess which led to his suspension

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fuckyeahryangosling: “ Submitted by Cookie Puss ” i love the ryan gosling “hey girl” meme.

You definitely fall in love with him in The Notebook!

Ryan is the new Robert if orange is the new black. Movie legends Robert De Niro and Robert Downey, Jr. Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling owe a great deal to the two Bobbies.

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J Baldwin - Ryan loves libraries! (have you seen this website with the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl," posts? some are pretty funny.

So Wikipedia says that he wasn't actually in "Lovely Bones" and that he was replaced by Marc Wahlberg.  I think I like him EVEN BETTER.

So Wikipedia says that he wasn't actually in "Lovely Bones" and that he was replaced by Marc Wahlberg.

Ryan Gosling Reads YA... bahaha, love it

Ryan Gosling CrossFit Meme-I currently have a bruise on my collar bone haha and this just made my life

Thank you Ryan Gosling ♡

The way you study all the time and don't go out is really sexy. - Ryan Gosling // Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Then I must be irresistibly sexy.

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CSA Meme The Alternative has gone the Ryan Gosling flash card way as a part of our 'Child Sexual Abuse Awareness' campaign. The words in this meme have been cited from Rahul Roy's 'A Little Book on Men', that you can purchase from yodakin.

Holy moses... Ryan Gosling is quite attractive...

Ryan Gosling born in London, Canada. This man is just sexy. I heard he was cast in the notebook because they didn't consider him sexy.

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Ryan Gosling baby news: 14 ‘Hey, Girl’ pics perfect for pregnancy