vivienne westwood mayfair bas relief earrings rose gold

vivienne westwood mayfair bas relief earrings rose gold

VALENTINO PRE-FALL 2015 Holy stars! Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2015 is otherworldly. This collection, which takes inspiration straight from the cosmos, is just begging to be worn by space geeks ready to...

note-a-bear: “fashion-runways: “VALENTINO Pre-Fall 2015 — Galaxy details ” Miss Frizzle looks ”

Stitchgasm! – Brer Fly’s Skeleton Cat

Une semaine sur Pinterest #13 : spécial broderie

brerfly: My second skeleton cat is done but now I have to figure out how to frame it. (via miieu)

Regina Pop! Movies Funko POP! Vinyl

Mean Girls Regina Pop! Vinyl Figure - Funko - Mean Girls - Pop! Vinyl Figures at Entertainment Earth

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61 Thoughts People Who Don't Work Out Have At The Gym

We are the Grand Daughters Of All the Witches You were Never Able to Burn  3x4 B&W thread on red  Inspired by feminist around the globe, my grandmother and all women in the struggle for alternatives and freedom from all persecution past and present.

PATCH Grand Daughters of Witches

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Paris's best antiques and street markets | Travel |

Paris's best antiques and street markets

Low-Sodium Diet Guidelines

What is a neurogenic bladder? Learn about neurogenic bladder symptoms, treatments, overactive bladder, incontinence and more at the Cleveland Clinic.