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Sacred Grove by Yoshia Toshi

Sacred Grove by Toshi Yoshida (Tokyo, Japan, 1941 Prints; woodcuts color woodblock print Image: 9 x 6 in.

This picture is familiar to the pieces of work that Andy Goldsworthy does since he tries to only use things we get from nature in his work. I like the way the light is shining behind the leaves because the detail of the veins can be seen. The colours of the leaves are fairly bright, reminding me of the different colours in autumn. The gaps in the leaves create a nice pattern and the sky you can see through them contrast with the darker leaves, making the piece more intersting.

German-based artist Walter Mason creates intriguing, highly ephemeral work from ice, leaves and stones - whatever the natural world has to offer on a given day. Unlike most land artists, Mason’s art.

Amazing work by Jimmy Turrell  #compliments #overlay #multiply

Amazing work by Jimmy Turrell Could layer coloured acetate or tissue paper and shine a light through

A stunning mosque, illuminated with all of the colors of the rainbow.

A Stunning Mosque, Illuminated With All Of The Colors Of The Rainbow, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, IRAN Beautiful Stained glass

reflections - image within images - mirrors - compositional photography- make reflections linking to indoor and outdoor

25-Year-Old Artist Amanda Charchian Makes Magic on Rodeo

latest Rogan Brown laser cut sculptures Microbes... his unique visions identifying patterns & motifs macroscopic & microscopic

New Hand and Laser Cut Paper Microbes by Rogan Brown show wonderfully precise textures

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A different way of using feathers, in a layered pattern that looks like scales. I wonder about those plastic scales I was thinking of making shrinky-dink style, I bet that could be used with a bit more heat application to mold them.

Gods Own Junkyard | Neon 'On Air' Angel sculpture

Kitsch World: Neon Angel! by the oldest signmakers in London - Gods Own Junkyard

10 extraordinary sacred sites around Britain, article at the link.  This is Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire

10 extraordinary sacred sites around Britain

10 extraordinary sacred sites around Britain, article at the link. This is Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire.