Definitely all of the above xx

I hate how some people say most of my quallities are childish but yet think think I'm the most mature person in the room. People are stupid sometimes

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I disagree, I have this feeling and most of the time it's me convincing myself it's not the truth. The awkward moments when I realize I should listen to my gut.

I'm Sick And Tired Of Hiding The Mess I've Got Inside sad sad quotes sad emo quotes sad quotes that make you cry sad depressing quotes

Im tired of hiding everything but i know if i say anything about it. I know nobody cares and they are just like whatever. so thats why i hide everything.

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Live Life Quote, Life Quote, Love Quotes and more -> Yup, there's a huge difference!

Top 30 sad Quotes #quotations

Top 30 sad Quotes

Top Famous Sad Quotes In your happiness, you would always enjoy the beats of music, but in your sadness, you’ll pay attention to the lyrics.

i dont, have thought about. Just want to spread this around

If someone held a gun to my head, expecting a plea for my life, I'd laugh and say "Take it. I want you to.

always second best, never the first choice

I know I may use being the second choice quote a lot but that's because personally I feel as though it's true. I just wanna be somebody's first choice and like the quote says It hurts a lot.

Ho davvero bisogno di studiare

Sadness is the part of life. Many of us face many problems in our daily life. We become sad due to different factors in our life. Some give up, but sadness is part of our life. The strongest perso…