çok kötüyüm lan :( bu sene bunlarla arkadaş olurum dedğim herkesle farklı sınıftayım ben napcam ya :( uf

Available for sale from Guy Hepner, Michel Comte, Demi Moore Oversized chromogenic print, 47 × 47 in

Break the social norms. Men have feelings. Show your emotions; vibrantly.

“What Real Men Cry Like” & “What Real Women Laugh Like” - Maud Fernhout Photoseries aimed to combat stereotypes and gender roles. For the rest of the photos and quotes of the participants click.

Female character inspiration

Anguished - SDW Brynn, has memory gaps, doesn't know why she is at the asylum, desperate to know her past:

CrY and SmiLE.

40 Captivating Photos That Depict Human Emotion

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Cool Factor

Larriva aka John Larriva (American, b. based Crescent City, FL, USA) - Sabine + detail, 2016 Paintings: Oil on Hardboard

BenBen the sad faced cat ❤️makes my heart happy

Cats That Find Comfort In Finding Warm Spots

Adoption is the most wonderful thing to ever exist. Couple Takes a Chance on Sad Shelter Cat Ben Ben Who Couldn't Find Home, an Hour After Adoption.

Emotional Intelligence Building Activity for toddlers. Happy and sad face sorting. A really great way to keep your little one busy without a screen

Happy and Sad Face Sorting

Social and Emotional Development: Happy and Sad Face sorting activity for toddlers. An activity to help toddlers recognize different emotions and place them in the appropriate category. The older toddler begins to label their feelings

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Lazy Oaf Happy Pants

happy pants (printed with smiley and sad faces) // lazy oaf Mais