Quote on depression - I am not living. I am surviving. Just existing not living!

Really good picture and quote. Many feel this way and it can be a huge struggle…

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Mental illness quote - Sometimes when I say "I'm okay" I want someone to look me in the eyes hug me tight and say "I know you are not.

All the people I once thought where my best friends.. Have suddenly turned. But some have stayed others have left. Most have vanished.

I'm always sad. Thats a everyday emotion that I hide most of the time. It gives me the worst thoughts.

When you're happy you enjoy the music. When you're sad you understand the lyrics.

14 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life

My rule of life: "If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done." Music 🎶 brings me back to sanity, reminding me not all people are evil, not everyone is going to like you, you aren't alone.

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When you try your best to come to things like birthdays and weddings and parties but they just tell you you're complicating things.

I have a sister, when we were babies they took more pictures of my sister than me. And yes I was the talentless one. But look at us now, she has asthma and I have a disorder and still, they care more about my sister than me.

Depression it's scary what a smile can hide. Black Celebration ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring quotes, words, backgrounds, pictures, text, fillers, phrase and saying

I'm ready to just fucking give up all hope things will get better bc it's been the same way for to long. I fucken hate life

omg i was looking at this picture when the little daughter (5 years old) of my parents' friends sitting next to me asked "where is the other guy? he should be sitting next to her, shouldn't he? why isn't he there?" i didn't know what to answer x.x

In Spanish no pienses que por estar sola eres invisible solo que todavia tu compañia no se vuelve invisible In English Do not think that to be alone you are invisible only that your company does not become invisible

Sad Quotes About Love, Life and Death – Sad Quotes By CrunchModo

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