I have been trying my best to forget you, and now I give up. I still like you, and I'm done with forcing myself to hate you because I can't... Be happy, you deserve it.

Powerful lyrics from "How to Save a Life" by The Fray.

Just think...it will all be over soon once the dark cloud goes over are heads

'I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing'- Breakeven, The Script

Say Something- A Great Big World I would have giving everything up for you I love you ...... I LOVE this beautiful song

Say Something lyrics. This song always makes me want to cry.

terrible things- mayday parade (this song makes me v sad)

One Direction - Stockholm syndrome

I love this, one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs.  Sophomore in HS I think...

My fav Pink flood song . And sum up my life at present

"And every time you ask I'll pretend I'm okay" - Shawn Mendes song lyric

Your inside my head in the middle of the night when i dont feel right i dream i can hold you But i cant go back to you Ohh noo :c

Sad Songs That Will Actually Make You Feel Better

Sad Songs That Will Actually Make You Feel Better

40 sad songs to boost your mood. Love some sad music. So invigorating.

shawn mendes lyrics - Google Search

Yeh it really does. I took an overdose and landed in hospital! Now things are even worse 🙁

Pompeii, Bastille. Love this band they make amazing music and their lyrics are so well thought out. I'm going to see them live for the second time in less than two weeks. I'm so excited

I love this alternative song its so catchy & different & I love these lyrics its one of those lyrics that have the power to change the way u think about somethings

I was. But not anymore. Alright from time to time I still hide it. But it gets better and better.

This song made me sad. But I love how he takes solace in the fact his ex seems happier without him, instead of just being angry

Your words in my head, knives in my heart. I'm only human.  ...I try so hard, and fall just as hard

Human - Christina Perri Lyrics good to quote x

Issues // Julia Michaels Pinterest : @PrettyInPunk95☾

Literally my favorite song

same old empty feeling in your heart. although it feels empty, it's a horribly familiar feeling too.

Let Her Go - Passenger. Such a heartbreaking song.

As is everyone. If you want to be sad listen to this song.

She used to be mine lyrics by sara bareilles. This lyric is very much me.

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all time low, atl, dark, deep, depressed

Quotes and Sayings and Pictures: Life is Depressing (12)

Gary jules-Mad mad world.love this song :)