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My parents need to learn to fucking listen and not accuse me of completely untrue things because they're going to drive me insane. <<<< My parents need to fucking realize that just because im young dosent mean that my life is fucking rainbows and glitter and it fucking sucks sometimes and they also need to start seeing that i have problems too not just like math problems but life my sexuality for example :/

This is so true! I'm a frikin teen let me live a little! And I HATE how much my parents compare me to little goody 2 shoes's

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sad teen girl quotes - This is so true. I say I'm okay and I'm just tired, when allot of the times what I'm tired of is living and all the drama that comes with it.

Relatable Teen Quote <3 #true.......i hate when this happens!

When this happened, some girl stared at me weirdly because she knew I was trying to talk.

love hurts. boys lie. friends cry. people die. parents yell. you always try. you're never good enough and you don't know why


loves hurts boys lie friends cry people die parents tell you always try youre never good enough and you dont know why

even thinking about it makes my heart stop for a second.

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