Saffron flower

Saffron flower... the orange-red pistil is the most expensive spice in the world....

Saffron: The Precious Stigma

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Freshly collected basket of saffron (crocus sativus) flowers grown in my garden CROP.

Growing Saffron

Harvesting Saffron Flowers - Afghanistan Around 2500 farmers, in eight provinces, are working on saffron farms for mostly to and some Approximately 5000 flowers are needed to yield enough threads for just an ounce of saffron.

Beautiful white light shines glowing thru delicate Purple crocus as it bursts thru rocks. DianaDeeOsborne/flowers-beyond-expected. Photo credit: David Pen, http://500px.c49?from=popular

Beautiful white light shines glowing thru delicate purple crocus as it bursts thru rocks

Saffron flowers benefits

Infographic Summary of the general characteristics of the Saffron plant Medicinal properties benefits and uses more common of Saffron.

Did you ever think about growing your own saffron? Learn how here. (25 Saffron Crocus Bulbs-Rare Spice-Crocus Sativus)

Hirt's Gardens Saffron Crocus 10 Bulbs - Rare Spice - Fall Blooming - Crocus Sativus - In Stock : Crocus

Do you know where saffron comes from?   This exotic spice is a native of Southern Europe and today cultivated worldwide in many countries, particularly in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Iran, and in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

What Is Saffron Extract? Saffron Extract Select is extracted from a flower that can be found in North America, North Africa, and Eurasia.