Sagittarius art

Sagittarius  Zodiac Constellations Archival Art by sarahfrancesart

Something like this for your guest bathroom, but with more navies to match your curtain. Sagittarius Zodiac Constellations Archival Art by sarahfrancesart

Many of us in the Northern hemisphere are either already buried in snow or are just around the corner from it. I find it interesting that while Sagittarius has a reputation for being light-hearted and playful, it is the sign that leads us straight into the winter solstice, also known as the darkest day of

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"You're only armed to the teeth because you're more brittle than you'd care to admit." by amrit brar

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Zodiac Constellation - Sagittarius Art Print

Zodiac Star Constellation - Sagittarius Art Print

Sagittarius Watercolor Giclee Fine Art Print Poster of Original Painting Constellation Zodiac Astronomy Astrology Astrological

Sagittarius cosmos

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illustration and inanity by amrit bear.   ~This is EXACTLY how it is!!! Finding them is the hardest part.

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