Beginners Guide to Sailing #infographic #Sailing #Travel

Beginners Guide to Sailing #infographic

Anyone involved in sailing will tell you of its great benefits and the friends you make in the sport. This info-graphic from EFYC gives an outline of what is involved in Sailing from the perspective of a beginner.

WMPH Value Collection Combo - 11 Day Yukon, Kluane & Denali Cruise Combo on Holland America

WMPH Value Collection Combo - 11 Day Yukon, Kluane & Denali Cruise Combo on Holland America

Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Basics

Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Basics

Pinnable: Basic knot tying instructions. Get the kids and have a knot off! | PreparednessMama

Tying the Knot: A Handy Reference

‘Tying the Knot’, A Helpful Infographic Explaining How to Tie Different Knots for Different Jobs

Funny and pretty guide to #sailing! #holidays

Recently, we found a handy sailing guide from The Doyle Collection that…


Welcome to Retro Eighty - Combining my passion for Land Rovers & Sailing and over 20 years as a Designer. Featuring a retro illustration a Salcombe Yawl in Salcombe Estuary Printed onto FSC approved stock.

Know your knots - a guide to knots for just about everything  #forestschool #knots

Know Your Knots: The Perfect Knots For Everything From Camping to Fishing

No one said that tying knots was easy. However, if you like spending time outdoors, it is important to know at least some basic knots that can help save your life one day or, at the very least, get you out of a tricky situation. The below infographic from

Houseboats Turn a Passion for Boating into a Way of Life | Discover Boating

Use our interactive boat buying resource, Boat Selector Tool, to help you find the boat type that's right for you. Choose from fishing boats, sailing yachts, etc.

Points of sail. Haven't seen this diagram since my basic keelboat class at Offshore Sailing School.

points of sail -- no sail zone should be called the anchor zone. it's taking some time for me to get my sailing school kiddos to realize how wide the no sail zone really is.

Here is everything you need to know to get out there and sailing.

How Do You Sail a Sailboat?